Forest Lake Investor Association

Objectives of the association:

Improve legal position, Condense statement of claim Improve negotiating position 

  • Research and collection of information to support targeted lawsuits and targeted ads (sales documents, E&V documents..)

  • Improve data pool by technically merging, condensing and structuring experiences with Engel & Völkers Resort GmbH, EV Resorts GmbH , Engel & Völkers AG

  • Coordination of activities on site in Nova Scotia Internal consulting of the members/investors Exchange of experience with lawyers, drawing conclusions from different legal paths, identifying and working out

  • helpful analyses and measures Representing aggrieved members/investors externally

  • Bundling of interests in order to find cost-effective solutions for lawsuits, charges, as well as skillful coordination of our interests vis-à-vis various contacts

  • Finding and drawing the attention of other aggrieved investors Translated with Improvement of the negotiating position vis-à-vis all stakeholders at the project executing agencies

  • Representing also Delaware LLC 1..32 members or Option share contract holders.

  • Negociations with potential investors and marketing therefore

  • Handling the funds (In a trust account) e.g. for Property Taxes and Administrative costs for the LLC members / option owners which are covered my the yearly membership fees.

  • Organizing member meetings on behalf on the LLC members

Based on the Nova Scotia Society Act we also have the powers to :

Powers 10 (excerpt from the Nova Scotia Society Act)

In addition to the powers by law vested in a corporation or body corporate and politic,

a society may:

(a) acquire and take by purchase, donation, devise, bequest or otherwise real estate and personal property, and hold, enjoy, sell, exchange, lease, let, improve and develop the same, and erect and maintain buildings and structures;

(b) contract and be contracted with and sue or be sued in its corporate name; (c) use its funds and property for the attainment of its objects and purposes;

(d) borrow, raise and secure the payment of money in such manner as it thinks fit and, with the sanction of a special resolution, issue debentures or mortgage its real property to secure the payment of money borrowed by it;

(e) subject to its by-laws, draw, make, accept, endorse, discount, execute and issue promissory notes, bills of exchange and other negotiable or transferable instruments;

(f) by special resolution and subject to Section 11, change its name or alter its objects so as to add to or restrict or abandon any of its objects or the locality in which its activities are chiefly carried on;

(g) if authorized by special resolution, subscribe to or become a member of any other society or association, whether incorporated or not, whose objects are in whole or in part similar to its own objects;

(h) do all such other acts and things as are incidental or conducive to or consequential upon the exercise of its powers or the attainment of its objects. R.S., c. 435, s. 10.

Non-goals of the association:

  • no intention to make a profit
  • no legal or tax advice to non members!


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